In My Pro Kit: Depotting Foundations

March 5, 2019

I’ve been on this hardcore depotting and decanting journey for the past couples months now. It’s really been a few years of trying to figure out how to make my kit more streamline, lightweight but still have everything I might possibly need on my weddings. So I wanted to share a little snippet of the decanting of my @lamer foundations from original glass bottle, to a squeezable plastic tube to (the final product), an airless pump bottle.

I only carry 7 shades of this beautiful foundation so I can mix appropriately (if I need more customization I use my @faceatelier adjusters). Although the weight is a bit skewed because it’s nearly empty, if I had kept my foundations in their glass bottle (which is 5.1oz), in theory, it would be roughly give me an added 35.7oz (or 2.23lbs). We will skip over the @mujiusa squeezable tubes which, again, was skewed because the foundation wasn’t actually in there.

Comparing the original glass La Mer bottles to the new airless pump bottles, you’re looking at a 4.3oz difference just between the two. If you add up the 7 airless pump bottles, and compare that to the original glass ones, you’re looking at a total weight of 4.9oz (or 0.3 of a lb!) That is an overall difference of 30.8oz (or 1.93lbs!) And, not to mention, it takes ups loads less space because of how compact the new bottle is.

The @lamer foundations aren’t the only foundations I carry. I also carry @faceatelier and @chanelbeauty. I’ve done the same with the two and in doing so has saved me SO MUCH WEIGHT! . .

Let me know if you guys want to see more of these types of posts. Like I said, I’ve been on this hardcore depotting and decanting journey for the past couple months and it’s been fun (and trying) to see what works and what doesn’t.

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