3 Signs You’re Meant To Be: Are You A Match With Your Wedding Beauty Team?

September 23, 2019

Hello Beauties.

Like any other vendor on your wedding day, your beauty team is more than just a service provider–they also provide you much-needed serenity and confidence to walk down that aisle feeling the most ready you can feel. When choosing them, make sure you really consider the total package. As a make-up and hair artist, I am constantly aiding brides not only with their look, but with their feeling of well-being. Your make-up artist or hair stylist spends so much time with you on the morning of your wedding. You want to make sure you vibe with them, and that they have the kind of personality that provides a calming presence on your big day. Here are three signs that you ought to look out for, to know that you and your beauty team are a match made in heaven.

1.) Aesthetic. You want to feel like yourself on your wedding day, not like a completely different person. Find an artist that understands just what makes you so beautiful and so special. Browse portfolios, look for ones where women have the look you want, so that you know the artist is able to deliver. This is a day about love, and you want to stay true to yourself and how you want to feel. An artist’s job is to translate what you want from your inspiration photos and enhancing your natural beauty. Find an artist that brings your dream to life.



2.) Vibe. You and your beauty team need to get along. You’re going to spend a lot of time together. Read performance reviews on the Knot, Wedding Wire, and Google. Flip through their Instagram, and read the comments and the back-and-forth exchanges. Make sure you see the kind of service and personality you would value and be grateful for on your big day. Observe the relationships they have with their clients, and with their colleagues. When you are interviewing them, be candid and firm about your needs. Give them a chance to reassure you and make sure it feels genuine to you. Thank about how you would want to feel that morning.


3.) Price. This is the obvious one, but unlike most advice sites, I’m gonna throw in some food for thought. Don’t only think of price from within an ideal budget. Place value on the way you want to feel. You absolutely get what you pay for. You’re bringing in a professional team to make you feel the most beautiful you ever want to feel. What would you pay for that? Does a bargain on that emotion really make sense? If so, maybe you can do your own make up, for have a bridesmaid help you out! No harm in that. What are your priorities with your look on your wedding day? Think deeply about what you truly want.


Enjoy your day with your beauty partner. What are some other important signs to look out for when recruiting your wedding morning team?

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